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  1. Mother

From the album Mother

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Krishnendu Ghosal: Composition, Lyrics, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Vocals.


Oh mother!
You have been gone so long,
But seems like yesterday.
There is a void in me,
It's been like this since you left me.
I have been lost for a while,
Without your guiding soul around me.
Oh mother where did you go without me.
Oh mother!
Please please come back.

Every time I hear the sound of that bird,
My helpless mind flies back to your world.
Every time I sense a smell of your perfume,
I travel back in time gently to a place with you.
The trail of scent is so achingly bittersweet

I'm feeling cold tonight,
Without your warm and tender smile.
The stories keep ringing in,
Till I'm living in your essence.
Oh mother you never left,
You live among our memories.
We'll meet again someday... oh mother.
Yes we will,
oh mother.
Oh mother,
Oh mother.