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  1. Hacked

From the album Hacked

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Concept, Lyrics, Guitar, Slide Guitar, Bass Guitar and Vocals by Krishnendu Ghosal

Drums: Software



Corrupted minds of the 21st century.
Look closely and you'll see,
The reflection of you in me.
We are all guilty.

1st Verse

All you people with your pointed fingers,
Judging me through your own defects.
Societal norms have been propagated,
Just so that you could fit in.
Take a moment and hear me out now,
Just take a moment to reflect.
Your life's been peddled for a nickel and dime now,
Sold at your prenatal stage.

2nd Verse

Walking down the road like a swarm of zombies,
Waiting to do just,
Like you're told.
You're just a puppet dancing to their music,
Just slaves of your community.
Trapped in a world of another's mind,
Cheated of your sensibilities.

3rd Verse

Can you hear the sound?
Of revolution.
Starts with a squeak,
But has it's repercussions.
Your mind has been invaded,
With their views.
It's time to wake up and revolt,
Time to strike back at your foe.
C'mon baby come with me,
Scream baby scream,
Scream it out loud,
Take it all out now.
Set yourself free.

4th Verse

Now that the song is almost over,
Did my words make any sense?
Do you have reason to judge me more now?
Was it a reality check?
We are a product of society,
Always have been, can we change?
The sense of reason is the key to the answer.
Hidden and asleep,
At the corner of your mind.