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  1. Limbo

From the album Limbo

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Composed by Krishnendu Ghosal
Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards - Krishnendu Ghosal
Bass & Drums - Software (handled by Krishnendu Ghosal)
Artwork - Krishnendu Ghosal



Is this me walking ?
In this dreamy world ?
Is this me talking ?
To myself ?
Deserted place,
With no one around.
I feel strange,
Strange as a dream.

A drink from the river,
Has set me free.
Calming my nerves,
From the visions of the mind.
Dancing my fears away,
Under the moon.
Let loose,
Let's break free.

Hours have stopped ticking,
Time reversed.
Future lay uncertain,
Forgotten past.
Surviving the moment,
In the rapture of the present.
I'm in limbo,
The lost dream.