A long alley covered with trees. 
The sky could not be seen. 
You can hear the sound of cat’s crying. 
But you can’t seem to see me. 

Walking down the alley you wonder. 
What is it you saw down under? 
Where have all the people gone? 
Am I walking over here all alone? 

A cold wind passes you by. 
Sending a chill down your spine. 
Darkness surrounding you for me. 
Making it so easy to suck you clean. 

You know someone’s watching you, 
Staring at you from a bird’s eye-view. 
Waiting for fools so few like you, 
I rise and fly up to you. 

Taking you by the scruff of your neck, 
You shake as though you saw the dead. 
And from the distant lands one could hear the noise you made. 
As I ravaged on your delicious neck. 

As I fly away to find another prey, 
Maybe I’ll meet your soul some other day. 

Krishnendu Ghosal 


You broke an everlasting trust. 
Promises of the yester years. 
Taken out from the crust. 
Only to bring water in my eyes as tears. 

Your love gave me life, 
Now teach me how to live, 
Life without your love in strife. 

I would have taken on the world, 
Losing everything I had to gain. 
Only if you had my name called. 
In joy forever I would have lived in pain. 

Banished from this heart of yours, 
I take a walk to know the score. 
Always knew how to be kind, 
But anger and rage was dominating my mind. 

Looking back at the past, 
I recall a spell you had cast. 
Hoping a lifetime for it to last. 

With trouble coming around every bend, 
I’ll still make you love me again. 
I’ll rise from this dark endless pit, 
To reach the sky where my place is fit. 
Taking every challenge that comes my way, 
Giving it back twice in your way. 

I will rise from this dark endless pit, 
To reach the sky where my place is fit. 

Krishnendu Ghosal 


I see a shadow from underneath my door, 
And then I hear a scream from the floor below. 
I open the door only to find blood on the floor. 

I came down to find nobody. 
I crept over very slowly to my library. 
Opened the safe from behind the shelf of books, 
To see if my treasures were good to look. 

Then I went back up again. 
Only to find no one there. 
Opening my door I turned around to see, 
If there was someone there to set me free. 
But all I could see was loneliness surrounding me. 

I entered through my hall. 
Only to hear my name being called. 
I run to my room with all my sins to bare, 
Only to find Satan waiting for me there. 

Krishnendu Ghosal 


My pain, 
Brings joy to your face. 
Feelings of yesterday, 
Holds ashes for today. 

Leaving hope for the future, 
With emotions turned so cold. 
Hoping for a paradise to nurture, 
Witnessing the darkness of hell at every fold. 

Brothers fighting with each other. 
Corruption around every corner. 
Thousands dying everyday, 
At the expense of our taxes paid. 

Leaving misery at bay. 
With souls vanished from day to day. 
I see the obscurity, 
At the efforts of the governments futility. 

People trying to find a home, 
For the bright future of tomorrow. 
The flames of brightness are gone. 
Leaving the world in endless sorrow. 

Suffering has crossed its limit. 
With mindless endeavors, 
To bring happiness back to the spirit. 

The façade of happiness, 
Over all the tears in the heart. 
Has brought unreality to your home. 
Placed on your mantle as a form of exquisite art. 

You’ll find people with clouded minds, 
Heaven is a place you’ll never find. 
The presence of hell and destruction, 
Has made its firm foundation. 

Wake up and see the world around you. 
Happiness is experienced only by a few. 
With bloodshed around your presence. 
Try to find the paradise in sight, 
In the midst of the world’s fright. 

Try to hear closely, 
And you’ll hear the moans of the millions. 
This is the reality, 
Of our world and eventually the fate of its billions. 

Krishnendu Ghosal 
July 2005


A land of the dead, 
Which is owned even before their death. 
Holds little meaning to the mortal world. 
Known only to the immortal fold. 

Entering this world, 
I sense a chill down my spine. 
Finding friends all around me. 
Hundreds talking to me at one time. 
Sounds like a clatter in the sky. 
I sense my body shaking, 
With every whisper that’s breaking. 

Walking through the land so dry, 
I pass the years that have gone by. 
I come to this land with hope to gain, 
Finding so many souls in eternal pain. 
I come to this land to live in my past, 
To drown my tears which forever lasts. 

Memories turned to stone, 
Surviving them all alone. 
Loneliness is my companion, 
In my soul its pinioned. 

Once I was a happy man. 
With joy around every corner. 
With no pain for me to bother. 
Moments of joy and pain, 
All coming to me time and again. 
Finding my past difficult to drain. 
Only left with sorrow to gain. 

Looking through a glass, 
I see a forgotten mass, 
All of which are of the same class. 
Spending numerous lifetime’s in that cast. 
Familiar with a few, recalling their past. 
Comparing their lives with mine, 
Finding similarities of the same kind. 

And every time I leave this place, 
It leaves my heart with remembrance. 
Of the days of happiness and mirth, 
When sorrow had not yet taken birth. 
But sorrow had to come sooner or later, 
For happiness does not remain forever and ever. 
So don’t expect an everlasting pleasure, 
For happiness is always strictly measured. 
And you’ll find there is more sorrow in the world, 
Than joy for tomorrow. 

Krishnendu Ghosal