Socially Altered

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Indie artist Socially Altered releases his new single Mother on the 18th of May 2018 which is a vocally and emotionally driven song about the loss of his grandmother. While composing the song, Krishnendu Ghosal the solo artist behind Socially Altered has opened up about his true feelings as to the loss of his grandmother who he considered to be his first mother. "Music allows me to say and do things which I normally would keep to myself, so I thought it best to use this freedom of expression for something that's still pure and innocent in my life and would probably always be." Krishnendu has been disheartened at the loss of his grandmother and still feels the emptiness which cannot be filled by anyone else and he confesses that "This is the most honest to heart song's I have ever written and recorded so far". The single has a very mellow flowy feel to it with the use of the acoustic guitar. The bass guitar gives a more heavy mood to the song, while the keyboards give a sense of a gentle scream. The vocals is all heart and soul and the catalyst for the entire song is the bird call of a Koel which Krishnendu recorded from the window in his room in the early hours of the morning. "Some sounds and certain smell's can remind a person of a place, time or incident which took place years ago. The Koel bird call reminds me of my grandmother's house where I grew up with her being the centre of my life, so the sound of the bird call was imperative to the song."

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