Socially Altered

Has your mind been HACKED ? The solo act from India, Socially Altered is thrilled to announce the release of his psychedelic rock single Hacked. A mind bender of a song that will make you question the realities that surround you. The single will be available digitally from 24th November 2017. Hacked has been written and produced by Krishnendu Ghosal, the man behind Socially Altered. The guitar, bass and vocals have been recorded by Krishnendu and he has used a software for the drums. There are no electronic sounds in the song apart from the drums. The concept and artworks have also been done by Krishnendu. He previously released a single "Limbo" in July 2017 which was the first single of a series of singles relating to the complexities of the human mind. Hacked is the second single in the series. Hacked
"Corrupted mind's from the 21st century, Look closely and you'll see, The reflection of you in me. We are all guilty." The definition of society is "a large group of people who live together in an organized way, making decisions about how to do things and sharing the work that needs to be done." As Krishnendu elaborates "People living in society are expected to behave, think and react in a certain way. Depending on a person's upbringing at the time, a person from birth is controlled, manipulated and coerced to the length that they themselves are unaware that we are programmed to follow protocols, just like a machine or let's say a computer. Our mind's have been hacked into, without our knowledge." The song has powerful hard hitting lyrics with Krishnendu's baritone holding nothing back. The style of the song takes you back to the 60's era of psychedelic rock which has inspired Krishnendu with his music. The single Hacked points out how we are victims of social programming and that our mind's are being controlled. He further adds that "Hacked is a mirror to any society in the world especially in the current time's of unrest all over the world." "The sense of reason is the key to the answer. Hidden and asleep, At the corner of your mind."

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