Socially Altered

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"Is this me walking, in this dreamy world ?" "I have been suffering from a sleep disorder for quite some time now. I witness strange and vivid dreams due to this disorder. As we all are aware that a dream feels real when we are witnessing it, this particular dream was a bag of heightened mixed emotions for me. Limbo is about a rather vivid dream I had. A dream about me in a desolate place. In the dream I initially felt fear and was unsuccessfully looking for people in this awkwardly strange place, where the sky was not how we perceive and the land was not what we tread on. After searching for a while the fear seemed to fade away and even though I was lost and alone in this unknown and very strange place, I was content and surprisingly happy. It was as though I was happy because I was lost. A lost dream where the unknown was more welcoming than reality. This song is about the celebration of the complex human mind."
"Dancing my fears away, under the moon. Let loose, let's break free."

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